We are a family tourism company located in Costa Rica, San Isidro, Pérez Zeledon. We offer you different destinations, excursion packages, transportation within and outside the country.
Turisol Tours is a travel and tourism consulting company, where some of the main goals are customer satisfaction, that the clients have incredible experiences thanks to our services provided both inside and outside our country.

Turisol Tours is also responsible for recommendations of the nationals and internationals best hotels, places to visit, tours to do in the mountains and on the beach, and make reservations for hotels, packages, custom trips, transportation, etc.

The reason for being of this company, is to serve our clients the best services and excellent customer service, in addition, to serving as professional guides to institutional and corporate clients, professional associations, solidarity, education and the general public, both in Costa Rica as internationally.

Turisol Tours, we know what you like.